Fish Tukka Terms & Conditions

1.  Definitions.  The following terms have the following meanings: 

“Customer” means the person purchasing goods. 
“Goods” means all products that are for sale from Fish Tukka.
“Price” means the price for purchasing the goods as shown on the order.  It does not include freight or GST. 

2.  Copyright.  All images and text reproduced on these products are the property of Fish Tukka and are not to be reproduced in any capacity.

3.  Price Lists.  Any prices published by Fish Tukka may be changed without notice.

4.  Goods and Services Tax.  The prices of the goods exclude GST, the GST will be added as you go through the checkout.

5.  Payment.  Payments will be as follows:                                                                 
a)   All Customers are to be on a Pre paid basis and once an order has been received, an Invoice will be sent to the Client with freight and GST included.                 b)  Payment Details.  Fish Tukka bank account details can be found via the checkout if “Bank Transfer” option is selected otherwise it can be found on the Fish          Tukka Invoice.

6.  Consignment.  No arrangements for consignment will be made.

7.  Minimum Order.  A minimum order of 6 packs of 10 is a minimum order for local delivery.
   For interstate orders a minimum order of 10 packs of 10.

8.  Credit Card Payment.  The Client authorizes Fish Tukka Pty Ltd to complete any documentation for the purpose of making a payment through any credit card system.
 The Client in addition to the price may be charged a credit card fee for payment. Our preferred methods of payment are Electronic Funds Transfer or cash.
9.  Cancellation of Orders.  If a Customer cancels an order after it has been processed a $15 processing fee will be charged.

10.  Warranty and Guarantee.  All Fish Tukka products have been made with freshest quality ingredients and have been product tested for the animal consumption. You must notify Fish Tukka within 24 hours of delivery if there is a problem. Final decision of replacement stock will be at the discretion of Fish Tukka.  No refunds will be given.

11.  Freight.  Freight cost is to be paid by the client and can be organized by Fish Tukka or the Client.  If the client is organizing the freight, no responsibility will be taken if goods are damaged in transit.

12.  Privacy Policy.  Fish Tukka collects your personal information to assist in providing the goods you have requested and to improve products. Fish Tukka will automatically place you on its database and you will receive information from time to time relating to new products, events or promotions.  Please let Fish Tukka know if you object to this and if you would prefer not to be contacted.