• Brineshrimp (10 X 100g)

Brine Shrimp

Fish Tukka Brine Shrimp contain high level of protein to keep your fish strong, build up resisitance to diseases and enhance the color of your fish.

Recommended For:

  •  All Freshwater Tropical Fish
  • All Marine Fish‚Äč

Feeding Suggestions:

  • Push out frozen cube, drop into aquarium.
  • The food will defrost in your aquarium.
  • Feed twice a day and no more than your fish can consume in 5 minutes.
  • Never overfeed your fish.
  • Remove and despose any uneaten food.
  • Keep unused cubes in your freezer.


     100%  Brine Shrimp.

Brineshrimp (10 X 100g)

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