• Premium Bloodworm (10 X 100g)

Premium Bloodworms:

Fish Tukka Premium Bloodworms are readily accepted as a natural prey item by nearly all fish and are suitable for both freshwater and marine fish.

Our bloodworms are harvested from freshwater lakes. Often used by fish breeders. Bloodworms are harvested, immediately rinsed with water, drained, and quick-frozen on shallow trays.

They are not cooked, or altered in any way, so as to preserve their integrity and attractability.

Recommended for:
  • All Tropical Fish 
  • Most Cichlids 
  • Most Marine Fish

Feeding Suggestions:

  • Push out frozen cube drop into aquarium.
  • Feed no more than fish can consume in 5 minutes.
  • Never overfeed.
  • Remove any uneaten food.
  • Keep unused portion frozen.

100% Premium Bloodworm

Premium Bloodworm (10 X 100g)

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